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With Mintos, you have an easy, transparent and diversified investment experience.

Since launching in 2015, Mintos has demonstrated exponential growth and has become the world’s largest marketplace of its kind.
The mission is to facilitate free and efficient movement of capital.

Mintos is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace where investors go to invest in loans originated by non-bank loan originators. At Mintos, investors can invest in different types of loans originated by many different loan originators. On the other hand, by connecting to the Mintos marketplace, loan originators that have traditionally been balancing sheet lenders can reap the benefits of the peer-to-peer lending model in funding their loans.

They provide retail investors with an easy and transparent way to invest in loans originated by a variety of alternative lending companies around the world.

Mintos is built on trust. They regard investors and partners as companions in success and know that trust is born where there is transparency. That is why they encourage open lines of communication between employees at all levels of the company, as well as with investors, partners, regulators, and other market participants.

They are positively obsessed with customers’ satisfaction.They believe in simple, efficient, and hassle-free solutions that go the extra mile to improve people’s lives. They have invested passion for technology in creating Mintos and work to improve it every day.

Growth mindset
At Mintos, they challenge the status quo. Customer-centric growth is at the heart of everything they do. They know that success happens when you learn, so they never stop learning from each other and experiences. They are a goal-oriented company, but ambitions are based on sustainability.

Why invest through Mintos?

-You will find a wide breadth of loans to invest in on the Mintos marketplace. Diversify across loan types, loan originators, and different geographies. Reduce the impact of any single loan loss, and earn great returns.
-You can invest automatically using our Auto Invest tool or choose loans one by one. As you receive principal and interest payments from borrowers each month, the funds become available for you to reinvest or withdraw to your bank account.
-Investing in hundreds – or even thousands – of loans and building a well-diversified portfolio has never been easier. Set up Auto Invest according to your chosen investment strategy and let it automatically invest in corresponding loans.
-Every loan on the Mintos marketplace is pre-funded by its respective loan originator, which also keeps a certain percentage of the loan on its balance sheet. As a result, the incentives of loan originators and investors are aligned.

Remember that short-term loans should only be used as last resort options in situations of financial emergency. Make sure to review all terms before agreeing to a loan offer.

BAD CREDIT LOANS has been in the business of helping people since 1998. They make it easy for consumers to get the funds they are looking for online.

What Do You Need? They Can Help!

They can help connect you to lenders that offer loans that may work for you. Through easy service, you may be able to connect with a lender regardless of your credit history.

The Service

The Bad Credit Loans is not a lender. They offer a free service connecting you with lenders that will present their loan offer to you with no obligation of having to accept the offer.
You have more options by using service as your request will be sent to multiple lenders and financial service providers using proprietary technology.

Your Online Resource for More Than Just Loans

The website offers more than just loans. Try visiting news section to learn about the charity work and other great events that Bad Credit Loans takes part in. You can also educate yourself on any of the latest scams that may be out there too. They never stop in efforts to ensure you are always able to enjoy an easy, fast, and secure loan.


You do not need to have a perfect credit score to be eligible for a bad credit loan. Customers with poor credit may still qualify for a loan; however, lenders do not typically provide loans over $1,000 to bad-credit individuals.


Be at least 18 years old.
Provide proof of citizenship, such as a Social Security number, or legal residency.
Have a regular income, either from full-time employment, self-employment, or disability or Social Security benefits.
Have a checking account in your name.
Provide work and home telephone numbers.
Provide a valid email address.

Loan Amounts $500 to $5000!

Repayment terms 3 to 36 months!


Remember that short-term loans should only be used as last resort options in situations of financial emergency. Make sure to review all terms before agreeing to a loan offer.


At, specialize in quickly and efficiently connecting people to a personal loan that may work for them.
Utilizing the comprehensive network of lenders and lending partners they can offer wide ranges of funding, and give you the opportunity to be qualified for as much as $35,000. provides an easy and convenient way for consumers to be connected with a personal loan through our network of lenders and lending partners. Online service can enable you to get a loan of between $1,000 and $35,000, right from your home or office, or even on the go through your mobile device. They help people looking to borrow for any number of reasons, whether it be for a home improvement project, a family vacation, debt consolidation, auto repair, medical expense, or anything else.

Though the simple online process is designed to connect our clients to potential lenders or lending partners, do not function as a lender ourselves. They connect consumers seeking fast, hassle-free financial assistance with skilled, reputable lenders or lending partners who can provide it, and they do this without charging any fees to our customers.

If successfully connected and approved, you can receive your funds in as little as one business day. You will then have anywhere from 90 days to 72 months in which to repay your loan, depending on the terms of the loan agreement. The APR for loans in the personal loan network varies, with many providers offering rates between 5.99% and 35.99%.

Peer To Peer Loans

Typical Requirements:
• Credit Score: 600+
• Minimum Income: $ 2,000 per month, must be verifiable
• Income Source: Employed or Self-Employed
• Loan Range Given: $ 1,000 to $ 35,000

Personal Installment Loans

Typical Requirements:
• Credit Score: 580+
• Minimum Income: $2,000 per month
• Income Source: Employed, Self-Employed, or Benefits
• Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $35,000

Bank Personal Loan

Typical Requirements:
• Credit Score: 580+
• Minimum Income: $3,000 per month
• Income Source: Employed or Self-Employed
• Loan Range Given: $1,000 to $35,000

Loan Amounts $1000to $35000!

Repayment terms 3 to 72 months!

Remember that short-term loans should only be used as last resort options in situations of financial emergency. Make sure to review all terms before agreeing to a loan offer.


Cash Advance is not a lender and does not provide short-term loans but refers consumers to lenders who may provide such loans. For this reason, they are unable to supply you with an exact APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

The loan interest rates are determined solely by your lender, with specific amounts determined based upon the information you submitted to the lender. Your lender provides the APR, loan fees, and other terms. For help in understanding and using our services, consumers may refer to the Questions section or Contact Us.

The APR on a short-term loan can vary greatly depending on how the APR is calculated (nominal vs. effective), the duration of the loan, loan fees incurred, late payment fees, non-payment fees, loan renewal actions, and other factors. Keep in mind that the APR range is not your finance charge and your finance charge will be disclosed later on, if applicable.

Cash Advance has no control or knowledge of the loan details between you and your lender. If you are presented with a loan offer, you will have the option to review the terms of the loan, which you may approve or decline.

Every cash loan request is secured with high-grade 256-bit secured encryption. You may qualify for a loan, regardless of credit type. Submit your request from the comfort of your home, office, or mobile device and receive a response from one of our lenders in just a few minutes. They have a variety of resources on site which can help you determine whether a Cash Advance is right for you.


  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a U.S. citizen.
  • Have a current job, with an after-tax income of $1,000 per month.
  • Allow for your employees to be verified.
  • Have a valid checking account.
  • Have a valid home and work telephone number, as well as a valid email address.

Loan Amounts $100 to $1000!

Repayment terms 7 days to 12 months!

Remember that short-term loans should only be used as last resort options in situations of financial emergency. Make sure to review all terms before agreeing to a loan offer.


Small business funding option.

Kabbage they provided over $4 Billion in funding to more than 130,000 businesses.

Flexible Funds
You decide when to use your funds and how much to take. As long as you have available funds, you can withdraw every time you need capital, up to once per day.

Transparent Terms
Kabbage small business loans have simple, monthly payments with no origination fees or prepayment penalties. You can review your payment schedule before taking a loan so there won’t be any surprises.

Simple Process
Securely link your business information online to get an automatic financial review.
This lets evaluate your business right away without requiring you to track down financial statements.

Convenient Access
Withdraw from your line by logging into your computer, using our mobile app or swiping your Kabbage Card. You’ll have the security of a line of credit you can use whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Trusted by Thousands
Kabbage customers have securely connected more than 1 million data sources. We’re A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau and are TRUSTe certified for commitment to customer privacy.

Personal Service
From applying to managing your account and making the most of your capital, they in-house team of experts is here to help when you need it.

Minimum requirements:
To qualify for a small business loan, your business needs to be at least a year old. You should have revenues of $50,000 annually or $4,200 per month over the last three months.
Get the Kabbage app
Apply, use your funds and manage your account right from your phone with the Kabbage app. It’s the best funding you can get with two thumbs.

Loan Amounts $2000 to $250000!

Repayment terms 6 to 12 months!

Remember that short-term loans should only be used as last resort options in situations of financial emergency. Make sure to review all terms before agreeing to a loan offer.




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