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Personal and Corporate accounts
Internet banking
Debit Master Card
US-based online businesses had an advantage – in payments, services, solutions, and access to diverse mainstream commercial portals that may not be available to bonafide businesses based outside of the US.


Valid Passport (as a non-US resident)
Photo Identification Drivers License or National ID
Proof of residency
e (as water, electric service or similar invoices)
You can send a simple scan of the documents which doesn’t have to be notarized.

In some cases, they ask for a local bank reference letter. As to send screenshots of the local bank accounts you have. By doing this the bank is working according to the Patriot Act, which demands that they should be making all the reasonable efforts to validate the customer origin.

Requirements (Corp):

The documents and the minimum balance requirements depend on your type of company and will be verified by the accounting clerk during the account opening process.


P.O. Box 2013
Buffalo, NY 14240

The bank’s website:

Key Information you need to know:

There are two types of accounts, the Free and the Premier. You would find better to open the “Free”. The Premier charges a US$50 fee every month. The “Free” won’t charges anything monthly.

The account is free as long as it as money moving on it. If the account becomes inactive then it will pass to a “Basic” model with a US$ 3 monthly fee.

To qualify for HSBC Premier, you need to maintain $100,000 in combined personal deposit and investment balances or $500,000 in combined personal deposit, investment, and credit/mortgage balances. Business owners may use their commercial balances to qualify for personal Premier membership. A monthly maintenance fee of $100 will be incurred if minimum balance requirements are not maintained.

You find a complete list of the conditions here:

How to open the account:

Please follow the instructions from the bank here to open a personal account:

If you wish to open a corporate one you find all information here:

There you find the account opening process and you will be asked to contact the bank.

Please complete this form for a member of the US International Banking Center to contact and assist you with your request.

So on the bank will contact you and send you the necessary application forms.

Important notes:

If the account opening documents provided are incomplete, unverified or are not clear they may have to request further information, documents or clarification from you before they can open your account.

For further questions regarding your account opening, we ask you to contact the customer care center directly of the bank via:


Phone: +1.716.841.7542 – Call collect worldwide

From Latin America, please call the Latin America International Center:

+1.305.774.5400 – From Latin America


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