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Euro Pacific Bank is an international financial group in the banking, brokerage, mutual fund and financial services industries, licensed in Puerto Rico.

For the last decade and a half, Euro Pacific Bank and its subsidiaries have offered a wide array of financial services from offices in the Caribbean. Through a dedication to client service and a diverse multi-currency product offering, clients enjoy unrivaled access to the global investment markets. The Bank’s online, multi-channel access provides account holders with 24/7 access to their accounts, regardless of where they are located.

The Bank’s unique full-reserve policy provides clients the safety and stability they require to manage their global finances. As an investment brokerage and advisor, and 12 year-long White Label Partner of Saxo Bank, the Bank is able to pass along foreign exchange savings rates of up to 80% over traditional retail banks. The Bank also maintains the distinction of acting as the only bank, which is also Approved Dealer for the Perth Mint in Australia.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Secure banking from the comfort of your home. Access funds globally through your own card and save money on global FX.

Gold/Silver Storage Accounts

Put yourself back on the gold and silver standard. Grow your wealth in real money, while still transacting locally in the accepted currency.

Fast Account Registration

Register today through our secure online form to begin the process of opening your own multi-currency banking and investment account.


Trade using our award-winning software, Global Trade Station. They offer private access to over 20 global exchanges, futures, Forex, ETFs, CFDs and more.

Mutual Funds

Our mutual fund products offer clients turn-key exposure to a portfolio of international securities and diverse currencies, with opportunities for diverse income.

Managed Accounts

Follow investment philosophy without the daily hassle of keeping up with the markets. Track all of your trades online and watch your portfolio grow in real-time.


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