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To confirm your identity a certified copy of one of the following documents is required for all account holders:
Current valid passport
Current valid full driving license
Current national identity card
The copy must show the name, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, signature and clear photograph of the holder, together with the National Identification number and expiry date of the document.

To confirm your residential address an original or certified copy of one of the following documents is required for all account holders:
A recent (no more than 3 months old) account statement from a recognized bank, building society or credit card company
The most recent mortgage statement from a recognized lender
A recent (no more than 3 months old) rates, council tax or utility bill (electricity, gas, water etc)
Current valid full driving license or national identity card (if this document has been used to verify identity from List A, a different document must be used to verify your address).

Correspondence from an official independent source such as a central or local government department or agency
A lawyer’s confirmation of property purchase or a legal document recognizing title to the property
The document must show the recipient’s name (including initial) and current residential address. They will return any original documentation to you. Please note that mobile telephone bills, store card statements and any documents showing a “care of address” or non-residential address cannot be accepted.

Please note:

your permanent residential address is the address at which you are living at the time of your account application.

Requirements (Corp):

The documents and the minimum balance requirements depend on your type of company and will be verified by the accounting clerk during the account opening process.


Nationwide Head Office address – Swindon

Nationwide Building Society
Nationwide House
Pipers Way
SN38 1NW
GPS/Geographical Post Code Only: SN3 1TA

Nationwide Administration Centre address – Northampton

Nationwide Building Society
Kings Park Road
Moulton Park

Portman House Bournemouth Administration Centre

Richmond Hill

First, you have to know the bank’s website:

How to open the account:


The bank offers 6 different personal account types, you can choose one of them here:

After you click on “Apply now” you will find the account opening process where you can download the necessary application forms.


Please fill out this application form:

After you returned the form with all necessary documents back to the bank, your account is set up after further 5-7 working days and you will get the access data by post delivered.

Your new Offshore bank account is from then on fully usable.

Important notes:

If the account opening documents provided are incomplete, unverified or are not clear they may have to request further information, documents or clarification from you before they can open your account.

As part of the process, you will need to send personal information. It’s very important that you use real information. Don’t try to use questionable data. If you have some problem or a specific question the best is to contact them directly and let them know so they can help you.

For further questions regarding your account opening, we ask you to contact the customer care center directly of the bank via:


Phone: +44 (0) 1624 696000


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